Choosing between 175 online mattress brands is a daunting task—especially for a more affluent, older audience looking for a new one for the first time in years. To cater to these customers, Casper created a Hybrid mattress, bringing the classic comfort of springs together with the innovation of their signature foam. Our job was to develop a campaign that would communicate the magic of this material marriage.

As the tyranny of choice has overwhelmed the mattress category, we determined that foam vs spring is one choice too many. So, we created a campaign that painted the Hybrid as the choice that doesn’t make you choose, making it the coziest and most luxurious mattress of all.
CD: Lindsay Brillson
ACD: Sarah Betts
AD: Jeremy Turner
Production: Jackie Backie
Director: Danny Sangra
Photographer: Meredith Jenks

Completed at Red Antler

New York, USA