According to the drugstore aisle, there are four hair types: curly, color-treated, straight, and "ethnic." Prose makes haircare so custom, there are over 79 trillion formulations.  

Prose engaged our team for its first-ever national campaign. Our goal was to help people see that custom isn’t just a gimmick; it’s the only thing that makes sense. 

Through its proprietary haircare technology Prose has proven that everything from what you eat to where you live impacts your hair, making it defy standard typification. To drive this home, we created a campaign that subverted people’s expectations about hair type—even casting a pair of genetically identical twins—to show that hair that looks the same can have entirely different needs.
CD: Lindsay Brillson
ACD CW: Haley Ray
Snr AD: Elisa Werbler
Snr CW: Catherine Williams
AD and Design: Jeremy Turner
Production: Christina Cooksey, Amy Shore
Director/Photographer: Catherine Orchard
Editor: Rhys Stover

Completed at Red Antler

Beyond the TV screen, the campaign extended to the subway in the form of in-carriage panels, digital displays on platforms and above ground.

New York, USA